About us

PH Automation was born 2010 to attend the calling for a new age in automated security. conceived by Peter Humphreys, an engineer with over 15 years experience of working with automated equipment, we believe in cost effective quality bespoke systems. Today everyone deserves the "real deal". The engineer you speak to at first point of contact, is the same engineer who installs, maintains and services your products ensuring a hardworking quality service. Unconditionally.

No call centers, No overpaid salesmen, Just us.

Our Services

We work with only one thing in mind, good honest reliability, whether that be the service you receive or the equipment we provide, this is paramount. We believe if we cant find it, install it or fix it then its not worth having in the first place. We understand that every client is an individual, with individual requirements. Our engineer is dedicated to meet your needs, tailor, design and install no matter what your budget is. In this day and age your safety is just as important to us as your security.

All installed equipment will be manufactured to IS0 9001 quality standard. The installation will be in accordance with the supply of machinery safety regulations and will conform with the CE EN12453 Standard. We will respect all safety precautions Enforce the minimum protection level and force limitation.

Telephone : 07960 489596

Email : pete@ph-automation.co.uk